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 Raza the hegehog and majin the hegehog (rival,clone)

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PostSubject: Raza the hegehog and majin the hegehog (rival,clone)   Sat Sep 04, 2010 10:56 pm

well here is my idea people but i am sorry i couldn't draw caz i really bad at drawing
here is the bio
name-Raza the hegehog
age: 16
likes : FRUITS!!!
dislike : bad guys
here is my story
i am raza raza the hegehog my dream is to be come hero and save the world (note: raza doesn't know his past because his young brother sacrifice him self to save me even he has the power of onimusha) plus he keeps his father sword shipuu

and for my rival
name : majin the hegehog
age : unknown
likes : nothing
dislike : Raza
his story
well majin is servant of the demon king and wants to destroy me and take my father sword shipuu

well kinda weird eh anyways how do i look any ways i have long hair and the out fit like nero in dmc4 fur color dark blue and white
for majin he looks like me but different he has red eyes and on head he has M mark just like majin vegeta
status: i am still working at sprites i hope i will finish it soon and hope u guys like my character and feel free if u wanna help me for sprite
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Raza the hegehog and majin the hegehog (rival,clone)
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