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 Shourtney the Hedgehog

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PostSubject: Shourtney the Hedgehog   Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:58 am

Again, I do NOT have any pic's of my fan characters, my scanner is broken. Shourtney is Magzey Rose's best friend. Shourtney is based on my best friend in reals, Courtney. So why Shourtney as the name? Well, my friend thinks shes short, but shes pretty tall, but everyone calls her that to annoy her. Razz So, her hair is in a bun, & she has lime green fur, & sky blue highlights (those are her fave colors). She wears a blue Aeropostal shirt which says Aero on the front of the shirt. She also wears a white skort. Shourtney's shoes are blue & white converse. Her past goes like this. She was born in Station Square, & she lost her parents when she was just 2 years old, so she lived in an orphanage until she was about 6. Then, when she was 6, she found Magzey & Amy Rose, & instantly became good friends. She left the orphanage, & went to live with Magzey & Amy. Since then, she've been with them. Shourtney's weapon is a boomarang (it's an inside joke Razz). She doesn't fight much, she's constantly getting hurt. Her Birthday is on May 22nd, 1998. Theme Song: A Day For The Girls ~ Magzey (me). Anything I forgot? Don't think so, that's it.
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Shourtney the Hedgehog
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